Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Coporate "Un"-Matching Gifts Program
How GSK Didn't Match My Donation to the Humane Society

After the Hurricane Katrina disaster, I made a donations to a few charities: The Bush-Clinton Fund, The Red Cross and The Humane Society. Our company had a matching-donation program. After a GSK employee made a donation to a non-profit organization, GSK would match the employee's donation up to a certain amount. All the employee had to do was show proof of a donation, fill out some paper work and send the information to the proper department at the company.

I felt awful about the abandoned pets. One reason people will not evacuate their houses in a disaster is because shelters will not accept any pets. That is a tough decision to make. I know things would have to be pretty dire for me to leave my babies behind. Unfortunately, New Orleans' citizens had to do just that.

The Humane Society implemented a program to rescue these abandoned pets and advertised for donations for their efforts. I wanted to do my part, so I sent in a check and hoped to double-down on my effort by having GSK match my gift.

Several weeks later, I received a letter from the Matching-Donations program at GSK. GSK matched my donation at the Bush-Clinton Fund and The Red Cross, but the matching gift to the Humane Society was a big NO.

The attached note stated that not all non-profits are eligible for the Matching-Gifts Program, the Humane Society being one of them. Looking back, I guess I should have known that. I guess the Humane Society is not a friend of the pharmaceutical industry, since the pharmaceutical industry views an animal rights group as an 'enemy.'

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