Friday, January 7, 2011

Second Semester Schedule

Here is my schedule this semester.

Constitutional Law: I'm worried about this course. I've heard it can be a gunner-fest. I'm also worried it will evoke heated political arguments. I've tried to avoid political debate and so far have done a good job of that. The nature of the course seems almost philosophical. It doesn't have the technical intricacies like civpro does.

Contracts: My cynical side says that our school put this in the second semester so people will have built up a base to absorb the hit we will take from contracts. This course seems like it will have quite a bit of technical detail to it which suits me fine, but it also seems to be 'squishy'. As a budding lawyer, I should welcome debates on issues having a bit of leeway in the discussion. In civpro, there were some areas where one was right or wrong. If one was wrong, all the debating and hand-waiving wasn't going to help.

Criminal Law: I really don't know what to expect from this course. From a personal perspective, this course has potential to be interesting despite the fact that I don't want to be a criminal lawyer.

Intellectual Property: This will be the crux of law school for me. I hope I like this course because this is why I came here. I read our syllabus the other day and found out that no laptops are allowed in class. I'll bite my tongue on this one, after all it's the professor's rodeo. I find a certain irony that a course heavily involved with technology does not allow us to use laptops.

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