Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"I'm Yawning. I'm Yawning Some more."

Right now, I'm missing torts. Those cases were fun to read and were short and sweet. There were stories of neighbors slinging shit on each other's front porches. One case involved a little kid pulling a chair out from a little old lady. (I know it's warped.) We also read lewd and lascivious tales. These things were riveting and kept my attention.

In the last day, I felt like I was not in a law school class but in a philosophy course. Actually, there were things I read recently that I did indeed read in philosophy courses from my undergrad days. I've read Marxist theory on retribution, Hegel's view on property, Locke's view on property, Kant's views on punishment and Bentham's views on punishment. So far, these courses have been dry and the material cannot be described as "page-turners."

Hell, I'm starting to miss the animal stories in property about the foxes and whales.

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