Friday, January 21, 2011

Land of Confusion

This entry is not targeting legal geniuses. No, this is meant for people who may or may not have eaten lead paint chips , the kids who licked windows or found infinite amusement in watching one's breath condense in the air on a cold winter's morning.

After reading some cases, you will have an overwhelming sense of confusion. It's not the kind of confusion such as "What is the difference between a gerund and a present participle?". It would be more like the person whose response to the previous question would be "What subject is that in?"

There will be cases where you will look back and say "I don't what the issue(s) was/were." And even worse is when you ask yourself " Who the hell won this case?" Cases in civpro and constitutional law can be especially tedious and as a result, boring. To make things worse, the resulting lack of concentration in these dull cases makes it even harder to comprehend the material.

This kind of confusion has made some publishers of hornbooks wealthy.

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