Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Was Late!

I was late to class yesterday. Had things went normally, I would have made it to class 15 minutes early, instead I was 5 minutes late. Everything was going well until I tried to open my door. I couldn't. Hard as I tried, I couldn't open the door. I felt like a pansy, but I needed help, so I called maintenance. It took me longer to navigate through the property management's phone menu than it took the maintenance guy to respond to my call.

The guys made it upstairs and knocked on the door. I told them to come in. One guy said "Step to the side." I already was to the side. He tried pushing the door one time but without success. I could hear him back up and then he slammed into the door. This wasn't a dainty guy either. It turns out a screw was loose in the door jamming it.

I told the guys I was late , so they finished up their work without me. When I made it to class, someone was sitting in my chair.

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