Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's the One You Least Suspect
Abby Bit Someone

They really were playing.

On one our downtown walks as part of Abby's exercise regimen, we were going down Glenwood South when we came across two Hispanic males. They showed some interest in the dogs and made some small talk with me. One guy asked me how much Abby weighed. Before I could give him an answer, the guy bent over, grabbed Abby and picked her up.

"What the hell is this idiot doing?" I thought. The guy didn't ask for permission or gave no indication of what he was going to do. The guy made some comment to the second guy. The second guy leaned over and petted Abby on her back. Abby turned her head around and snapped at the guy. The second guy jerked his hand away and both guys started laughing. I'm not sure if Abby made contact with her teeth to that guy's hand. For Abby , this was no joke. I've never seen her act hostilely towards a person in anger before.

I got the babies and got the hell out of there as fast we could. I didn't want these guys calling animal control to report my Baby Girl. I didn't want my Baby Girl to have a record.

Before this incident, if I had to guess which dog would most likely bite a person, Father would have been the odds on favorite by far. He was a tough dog that knew how to take care of himself and took no shit. Andy would have been my second guess. He was kind of squirrelly when he was younger. He was a sweet baby but he spooked easily. I've also seen him make teethies at some kids who got too close to him. I worried about Andy and any kids when Andy was around kids. I didn't like him snarling at kids.

Abby was a sweetheart and an angel. She seemed to be an anchor of stability and had a good temperament. I thought she would have been the last dog of mine to bite someone. This episode demonstrates how a seemingly nice dog can be pushed too far and resort to violence.

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