Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gang Signs at Home

Yesterday when I went to my mom's mailbox, I noticed a gang sign painted on a tree in her yard. The sign had the number "13". Could this be from the infamous MS13 gang or could it be from some posers or gangsta wannabes? I think one way to find out if they are for real is for me to get some neon yellow or orange spray paint. Right below the "13", I should spray in "sucks" or "pussies" and see what the reaction is. If swift and harsh retribution follows, then we know that the original marking was the real thing from a real gang.

Maybe they want us to join?

Maybe the real culprits are some punk-ass white teenagers playing a prank. It could stem from a compulsion white youths have in photos at parties to flash gang signs. Now the rascals are stepping up their game and making more permanent signs of their wannabe status.

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