Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Abby's Sneakiness at Her Last Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2008

My mom, towards the end of dinner, told me to look under the table. I lifted the table cloth and saw Abby sitting directly under the middle of the table! She was laying there and gave me a wide-eyed innocent look. How did an old and arthritic 12 year old dog go unnoticed under a table seating 8 people? Stealthy was the last word I’d use to describe my Baby Girl. At that point in her life, the way she moved was best described as “hobbling.”

But on that day, she knew where the center of the food activity was and went there. She had a life-long love with food that would last until her final day. By this time in her life, she had a dignified air about her, acting calmly and with good measure. She was so cute reverting back to her old ways. It made me think of her days as a puppy when she had so much spunk. Even though she slept a lot, she still exuded a lot of personality. I found her cuteness and sneakiness at her age to be adorable.

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