Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Vet Refers Us to the Vet School

I went to the vet about Andy’s partial paralysis. We went over Andy’s medical history in specific his paralysis problem a year before. The vet said he couldn’t do anything for Andy. He discussed conservative approaches. (For those unaware, a “conservative approach” in medicine means “not surgery.”) There were dog rehab facilities around the Triangle. I wasn’t too enthused about that option since it didn’t seem promising. Andy’s problem was big and a canine physical therapist was not going to make things better.

The vet talked about referring Andy to the NCSU Veterinary School. He mentioned one specialist by name. There are vets specializing in neurological surgery, just what Andy needed. My vet wanted to wait a few days before making the referral to see if things would improve. Since I had things under control with the Bottom’s Up leash, I didn’t mind and could wait.

My vet was intrigued by the special leash. He had never seen one before and of course didn’t know how to use it. We spoke about other walking assistance devices, in particular, a canine wheelchair. I asked if he knew anyone who had used it before. He didn’t but said if we felt Andy needed it, then we should get it.

After the vet visit, I dropped Andy off at my mom’s home and went to my condo to pick up some things and clean up. On my way over, my mom called me. The vet called her and said we should take Andy over to NCSU’s vet school that afternoon. He had made an appointment for us. Understandably, this upset me and my mom. We knew Andy’s problem was bad but this indicated it was worse than we thought. I immediately turned around to go home.

Andy and I had a date at the Vet School.

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