Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Victory for a TTT Graduate

TTT stands for third tier toilet. It is a derisive term used for low-ranked law schools or more specifically, schools so lowly ranked that they don’t even get a numbered-ranking but are lumped into the “Third or Fourth Tiers”. People at higher ranked schools (but not quite as high as Harvard, Yale or even UVA) sneer at TTT’s and freely use the term, TTT, in a snide manner. I imagine it makes them feel better about themselves. But yesterday, a TTT graduate stood up to graduates at much higher ranked schools and won.

Jeff Ashton University of Florida Law, Rank 47

Linda Drane Burdick University of Pittsburgh Law, Rank 71

Jose Baez St. Thomas Law School , Not ranked (Fourth tier)

Anything in the “Top 100” is considered “first tier.” Granted, Cheney Mason went to U. of Florida Law, but Baez was at the tip of the spear for this defense team. And Baez went to school held in not so high regard in the legal community.

There will be many discussions and debates about the justice (or injustice) in the Casey Anthony Trial Verdict, but it was a big day for TTT alums. On paper, a man who went to a TTT and couldn’t get accreditation by the Florida State Bar for 8 years does not appear to have the “stuff” to win a huge case such as this. The deck appeared to be stacked against Baez. He got a 2-7 off-suit hand to win against a hand with pocket aces and beat the prosecution.

Careers are cemented in big cases like this. The underdog won.

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