Saturday, July 2, 2011

Andy Thought My Cereal Was His Dog Food

When I ate Reese’s Puffs cereal, Andy took an exceptional interest in what I was eating. Andy begged occasionally but he didn’t have down to an art like Abby did. He did not give me much attention when I ate. But when I ate this particular cereal, he would crane his neck up and lock his eyes on me without breaking his stare. Even his little ears were perked up. Though it was a cutie-pie face, I didn’t know why he took so much interest in this cereal.

One day after passing by his food bowl, I realized why he was so interested in that cereal: it looked just like his dog food! He thought I was eating his food! I forgot which brand of food I bought Andy but I remember what it looked like. The dog food was in the shape of little spheres with a diameter no wider than a dime. The food was also brown. Like the dog food, the cereal was shaped into spheres with a diamter no wider than a dime. The chocolate flavored spheres were the same brown color as the dog food. The peanut butter spheres were light brown. But with Andy’s bad eyesight, he probably couldn’t tell the difference.

Andy begged so intensely for that cereal causing me to cave in and give him some. I’d throw one piece at a time to him and he’d almost always catch it. He absolutely loved it. It was funny how he thought I was eating his dog food.

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  1. Cute dog! Just make sure you keep your cereals in a safe place and that you separate your stuff accordingly.