Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thanksgiving 2007
Part III

Wesner Bald

Clingmans Dome (TN)

Trail on Waterrock Knob

Parking Lot at Waterrock Knob

Pandy Please

Andy stuck close to me the first day on the vacation, but the in the next two days, he explored the basement more as well as the upstairs and the yard outside. He would actually sneak upstairs to see everyone up there despite my efforts to keep him in the basement. My aunt liked Andy because he was so sweet and well behaved. He hung around the kitchen where someone was always there such as my mom or dad. My dad couldn’t go downstairs because of his health so Andy sneaking upstairs gave my dad a chance to see Andy.

The only incident Andy had upstairs was with Lucy. Without any provocation, she cornered Andy in the kitchen and tried to attack him. Everyone felt so sorry for my poor Baby Boy. He didn’t do anything wrong and Lucy was so mean to him. I didn’t see the incident. I’m sure Andy was scared.

Andy also had a big yard to inspect when I took him for walks. There was also a field across the street. Years ago, it used to be part of a farm, but now the ground lays fallow. All these new things gave Andy quite a bit of exploring when he had to go poo-poo and pee-pee.

We even took a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was surprised the road wasn’t closed because the higher elevations got snow and ice the previous night. Fortunately, the roads were clear and the skies were bright. We took a walk on a trail at Waterrock Knob. The peak is over 6200 ft above sea level. The parking lot is at around 5500 ft making access to the peak easy and convenient. We didn’t make it to the top because the trail became too narrow and rocky for us to safely travel. I didn’t want to put my Baby Boy in peril and take a chance of him slipping. He fell off a hill before, so I used caution, turned around and went back to our car. We did make it over 6000 ft. We were close but not quite there.

One day, I will return to that mountain and make it to the top. There, I will scatter some of Andy’s and Abby’s ashes.

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