Friday, July 15, 2011

Moving Back Home

I still had time to enroll in law school for Fall 2010, but I postponed going because I wanted to help my mom with taking care of my ailing dad. He wasn’t getting better and from what we could see, he never would. I wanted to keep him out of a nursing home as long as possible and in the meantime, make arrangements to protect his assets before he went into a nursing home. So, at the tender age of 40, I moved back in with my parents and put my condo up for sale. I won’t get too morose but taking care of someone needing around the clock care can wear you out.

Since I only had a few miles to go, I didn’t rent a truck but made many trips back and forth from my condo to transport my things. Dodo was terrified of the moving. He likes calm and tranquility. He does not like people moving fast and he does not like it when people have shoes on. In tradition of our neurotic pets, Dodo was scared when people had shoes on and would stare at the shoes. Who knows what kind of trauma he had with shoes. It can’t be a happy story.

Further, Dodo did not like me. When Dodo first came to our house, he was nice and friendly to me. That changed after I took him to the vet. Dodo did not take kindly to that vet visit. At one point, he had his body pressed against the wall and back arched when he hissed at us. Ever since then, he hated my guts. He ran from any room we were in together. On one of the first few nights I was there, Dodo jumped up on the couch with me and while I was petting him, he turned around and bit me. He then jumped off the couch and ran away.

Dodo’s reaction set the tone for what would happen in the next few days. Andy’s paralysis came back and my dad had another stroke. The fun was just about to begin. (If I had a “sarcastic” font, I would use it here.)

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