Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas 2010

Andy's Last Snow

Dodo was scared of snow.

Christmas break came and gave me 3 weeks to spend with my Baby Boy. Our moments tended to be quiet and peaceful. I just liked having him around and looking at him. During the break, a winter storm passed through. We had 2 or 3 inches of snow. I fretted because I could not find Andy’s Bottom’s Up leash. I worried he would fall in the snow and aggravate his back problem. I was also irritated because I thought my mom had thrown it away. I don’t know what the antonym for “hoarding” is but it would aptly describe my mom. I could dedicate a chapter to the things she has thrown away from legal papers, contracts to wallets.

On the first day, he walked unassisted on the snow without any problems. I was anxious the whole time he was out there. On the next morning, my mom told me she found the leash. She hadn’t thrown it away after all. I put the leash on Andy and went out. As fate would have it, I fell. Other than my ego, I wasn’t hurt. Andy stood sturdy and tall. Here I was worried about his back and arthritis and I am the one who ends up falling. Andy skated right through without any problems!

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