Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spring Break

Pandy in his younger days

I spent as much time as I could with Andy over spring break. I’m glad I did because a week after spring break ended, he died. I knew his time was soon, but not that soon. I’m glad I put off things on my “To Do” list such as doing my taxes, my dad’s taxes and a courtroom assignment (for my law skills class). I put those off and stayed with my Baby Boy instead.

I did study and work on some outlines but after that was done, I stayed in the living room with Andy to be with him. He slept a lot but he looked good and moved around well. He still liked Arby’s roast beef sandwiches. If the weather was warm, I’d sit out back with him to give him a different venue to hang out.

The most memorable moment of spring break was the end. As I put my laptop in its case, Andy hung his head with a long face. He was saddened because he knew I was going bye-bye. Andy was close, so close, to his 13th birthday. I knew these moments would be over soon. He didn’t have much time to live. I just didn’t know how much time. What really disheartened me was his heightened response to my leaving. When I left for school in August or after Christmas, he didn’t act this way, not even close. I had left many other times after weekend visits and he didn’t get upset. But this time, the last time, he pined over my imminent departure.

I went over to him, pet him and kissed him. He stiffened his neck trying to resist my attempts to kiss him. Andy always grew tense when he knew I was leaving without him. My mom, watching the whole thing, started crying. That Good-bye would essentially be our last. The next time I saw Andy, he was disoriented in a fugue state as he was dying.

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