Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Dish Best Served Cold

Home of the Sex Offender

This entry reveals a dark side of me. I’ve always quietly simmered inside about how ugly that woman was to me and my feeble arthritic dog in 2005. I wanted to exact revenge on her but I didn’t want any type of physical harm upon anyone (No one was hurt in this story). However, if I could inflict some emotional distress on her, I would be delighted.

About a year after Abby moved out, I ran across a neighbor, Bob, one evening and came up with an idea during that meeting to return the shittiness to the woman who snapped at me a while ago about Abby peeing on the grass. I often crossed paths with Bob, since we usually walked our dogs at the same time of day. He had a little toy dog, Jack. It was a little odd seeing this guy with a baritone voice with a little girly dog, but hell, it’s a free country. I was amazed how Jack could climb the stairs. It was cute the way he hopped up those things. The neighbor was a nice enough guy, the kind who seemed to get along with most everyone he knows. He actually socialized with that woman and her husband.

We were having a casual conversation when Bob informed brought up the woman, her marriage and how the couple , along with their infant son, moved to a condo one block from us. It was then I hatched the scheme to make their lives miserable.

A few weeks before Bob’s conversation, my boss told me about a sex-offender search website. I was shocked to see that a sex offender lived one block from me. The guy lived in the very building with the woman who was nasty to me in March 2005. The perpetrator was convicted of having sex with a minor.

I casually worked into the conversation the pervert’s domicile. Bob was visibly disturbed. He asked me if I would print out the information I had. I gladly did so. I printed the information from the website my boss told me about. I also printed information form NC’s official sex offender registration list and I printed out the guy’s criminal record courtesy of the NC Department of Corrections. Later that night, I went to Bob’s condo and slipped the paperwork under his door. Bob would later let the woman and her husband know about their perverted neighbor.

How did the woman feel after that? Was she fearful? Scared? Worried? I don’t know. All I do know is that no more than a year after they moved to that new building and a few months after Bob’s conversation, they moved to a house a couple of miles away. Did the revelation of their sex-offender neighbor factor into their decision to move? The cynical part of me that holds grudges would like to think so. These were not nice people. I found them to be self-centered, self-absorbed, vain, and narcissistic. The woman in particular was cruel, cold and callous to me. She didn’t afford me any allowance when I told her about how feeble Abby was on that cold and rainy late winter’s morning.

Karma’s a bitch.

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