Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Postponing the LSAT

At the end of the LSAT prep course, my decision on if I was going to law school appeared to be determined for me by an outside factor: my LSAT score. My scores were still bad. I would not have gotten in to one single school in the nation, even the online ones, the direction I was heading. I decided to postpone the test and take it 2 months later. I had already paid for the course. There were no refunds so I might as well take the thing. I felt I needed more preparation. There was so much material in my study guides I had not gone over. If I went over that material and still sucked, then I wouldn’t go to law school. So, two days before the test, I rescheduled. Back then, the administrators allowed for last minute changes without any penalty. All I had to do was pay a small fee and I was ready to go. Now, a person cannot change test dates within a few weeks of his scheduled test date. They will have to either show up and take it or receive an “Absent.” The “Absent” would be reported on the person’s LSAC profile.

In the meantime, I had two months to study for the LSAT and get ready to find a job if my scores still sucked. In the first month, I prepared for a seminar. In my line of work, scientists interviewing for a job have to give a 45 min seminar as part of their interview. I had to go over several years worth of research to prepare for my seminar. I spoke with other guys who found jobs elsewhere, and they needed a few weeks to get ready for their seminars. By the end of 3 weeks, I had a seminar ready. Had I bombed on my LSAT, I would be ready to pull the trigger on my job search.

After taking time off for Christmas and New Years, I would start studying for the LSAT. I realize that up until now, not a word has been mentioned about my dogs. It has all been about me. This entry does set the stage for my next entry about my focus on LSAT studying and how it affected Andy. Seriously, my studying became an issue with Andy, as weird as that sounds.

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